2 Super Hot Ways You Can Make Over 500,000 Naira with Just a Facebook Group….

This might be one of the most important things you will read this month.


I’m going to give you ideas that you can use, right away, to crush it in the next few months.


But before I go ahead and EXPOSE to you the different models you can use to tap money from Facebook groups, let me first show why it is ABSOLUTELY amazing to have one now.


In 2014 I bought my first car. An Audi 80.


I had just left university and I quickly set up a website, wrote a quick copy….drove traffic to my website….and in just a matter of months I had my first car.


Of course, it wasn’t that smooth and easy. But it was FAST.


Let me break it down.


What did I sell on that website. Most of you already know. It was an ebook on dating. Some of you here might have bought it, or might have seen my pseudonym around. I sold it with the name Charles Nneji (go to nairaland and search for charlesnneji1. You will see most of my articles).


….but why it had been fast was because I was selling digital products. You don’t need to buy any product, you simply create the product on your laptop once – and sell it over and over again to hundreds of people.


I was literally making money from nothing – with no expenses apart from what I paid to drive traffic!


One thing people told me back then was that no one would buy a digital product online. And they would be afraid of scam. And here is the truth; they were right.


People are scared to buy things online.


But if you know how to make people like and trust you – just that, the moment you learn how to do this you will sell TONS of digital products online – effortlessly. In the Community Hack training; I will show you how to win trust, get people to like you and make very cool cash selling digital products with JUST a free Facebook group.


The moment you master that one skill, you will never go broke again. And you can use it to sell anything. Even down to something as mundane as refrigerators.


To get in on this training, call our customer care hotline and apply 09080094454. Entry fee is just 9, 999 naira.


But moving on, the different models you can use to make money from Facebook groups.


#1 The Launch Method:


This is the commonest method.


The way it works is to grow a tribe of people around what you are good at. If you are a great parent then create a community around that. A great marketer. A good lawyer. Etc.


Then find out a problem common within your community, look for a solution and then create a product around that solution then launch it within your community.


Now here is the really cool part. It is a game of numbers. Let us assume you have a community of 4,000 members. And your product is priced at 19, 999 (like my crazy profit system course)


If just 50 persons out of your 4, 000 members buys. Just 50. Guess how much you’d gross.


50 x 19, 999 = 999, 950 naira.


Which is just 50 naira away from 1M.


The good part is that because it is a launch. And you have a deadline all of that money will come in bulk. Like bang!


Is this feasible. Yes. But only if you know how to pull it off. In my Community hack training, I will show you exactly how I was able to do it.


# 2: Subscription Model


This is the sweetest.


Assuming you don’t want to do a launch, you can have a subscription model for your tribe.


Simply create your front end community (I will show you how to build one from scratch). Grow it. Then have an upgrade where you put out more detailed, more in-depth training. Then charge members a subscription.


With pay stack you can set everything up such that they are charged monthly automatically. Now, let us assume you have 50 members in your upgrade. And you charge just 3,000 naira monthly.


Every month you pull in 50 x 3,000 naira = 150, 000 naira.


Some people will drop out, all you need is just announce on your front end community and have the person replaced. You can scale up from 50 to 100 members.


And the good thing is all this will be PURE PROFIT. You don’t pay a dime to run a Facebook group.


But then, you need to know how to market this offer. How to get people to like and trust you enough to go to paystack and pay you money.


Truth is, people don’t buy training from just anyone. You need to be good….and you need to know how to market your skill. In the Community Hack training I will turn you into a Community hack guru *winks*.


And using what I will show you, you can use it to grow an email list and do your launches from there.


Or build and grow a consultancy business both online or offline.


You can turn yourself into a highly sought after coach in any niche using this stuff, amigo.


To get in on this training, call our customer care hotline and apply 09080094454. Entry fee is just 9, 999 naira.

3 Replies to “2 Super Hot Ways You Can Make Over 500,000 Naira with Just a Facebook Group….”

  1. Mr czar my great mentor!
    A very good day to you,and am sure you’re doing great…
    Sir I have a quick question
    In have a page on Facebook already, but I don’t have a group, can I still create a group?
    And the 2nd is
    When making a campaign, can one start by offering free gift and using that to build my email list
    Can I just strike a campaign Ads and drive the traffic to my product page, cos I don’t have any email list now
    Which one is preferable sir?
    Thank you for your understanding, cos am just a Newbie here(internet marketer)
    Hoping to hear from you, And GOD bless!

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