A Simple Marketing System That Can 10x Your Profit in the Next Few Months

By now, if you have been following my posts, you already know 3 major things.



One; you already know how to forecast how much you’d make in the next 12 months, and how to know the exact figures you need to make monthly to hit that target.



Two; I told you that the only way to hit a major target is to SELL a product or a service.



Three; then I showed you the THREE business models anyone can use to sell whatever they sell.


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In the next few seconds, I will give you THE BLUEPRINT. How to use all these things to DOUBLE the money you are making from your business right now.



Let’s get into it…



The best way to INCREASE how much you make in a MONTH is to have MULTIPLE sources of income.



Think about it. Someone making 7 million naira from three sources is better than some other folk making 7 million from just once source.



So does it mean you need to start MULTIPLE businesses to increase your income?



  1. Not necessarily



Rather, you need to take your business, and then create multiple sources of income from that ONE business.






Simple; by applying ALL the business models in your business TOGETHER; at once. I call it the Tripartate System



Stay with me, let me break this down for you. Although I am about to give an example that might be completely different from what you do now, but I want you to look out for how to apply it to your business.



Earlier this year, I was hired by a makeup brand to come take a look at their business. The business was suffering, they were not making much money, customers were not coming. Rent was due and they were desperate.



I took a look at their business and noticed that all they had was just ONE income source. All they did was offer make up services.



So I looked at the manager and was like; ‘’Ma’am, you are leaving money on the table. Why the heck would you offer just make up services?’’



She looked at me like I was crazy. ‘’Because that is all we offer’’. She said



She had paid quite a huge sum for my services and I could see by the look on her face that she was almost regretting it. LOL



So I took a pen and a paper and I wrote three things.



In fact, I want you to do this now for your business. We are about to develop a triparte system for your own business. So stop reading this now, go get a pen and paper before you continue.




Now write this three things down.


  1. Low Cost product (3,000 – 7500 naira)


  1. Luxry Cost Product (10,000 – 300,000 naira)


  1. Subscriptions (10,000naira – 150,000 naira monthly)


Now besides these three items, write the product or service you need to offer in each of them.


For the make-up company, here was what I came with for them. This will give you ideas for yours


For the low cost products, I wrote ‘’normal make up gigs’’


Luxury cost product, I wrote ‘’Home services’’, they were already doing that so I threw in ‘’Trainings’’


For Subscriptions; I wrote ‘’Partner with event companies’’



Then I developed a system for them to use and pull in customers (I will explain how to pull in customers later). And by the end of the month, they had over 1.8 million naira in revenue, from struggling to make 50 grand.



But before I get into a breakdown of how they reached this result, let me tell you why it is important you do this.



Have you asked yourself why people buy VIP tickets? I mean, in the VIP section the drinks are more expensive – yet people pay big money to get in, and still feel good for spending all that money.



Think of whatever VIP ticket thing you know, AY show, Clubs. People buy a bottle of coke for 2000 naira for Christ sakes.



Have you ever considered; which is easier. Getting a new customer or getting an old one to buy more stuff. A new customer doesn’t know you, they don’t trust you….an old one does, and they like you.



So what we did was to offer a FREE facials. We did a huge campaign for it. Got over 350 women to come in for a FREE facials (people like free stuff)


People came in, and then they were offered a special membership, and they were told that for getting the facials they had automatically qualified to get into this special facebeat membership program. We even gave them a membership card.


But with a catch…


Their membership would expire if they don’t activate it in 30 days. But if they activate it in 30 days, they would get a 25% discount on the makeup service for life. The normal make up thingy was 10k, but if they make up within the next 30 days, till they die they would get a 7,500 naira charge for each one. Plus one free massage, one free pedicure, one free manicure.


All they need was just to renew within 30 days.


Low cost product


Out of the 350 women. More than 200 came back to renew their membership card within the first 20 days. That was over 1.5 million naira in revenue.


I took it a bit further, and asked them to offer a higher card.


Anyone who came in to activate their card was offered an upgrade, a gold card. ‘’Thanks for activating your card, Right now you have just activated your card, here is a higher card. Just in case you want to learn make up. We charge 300k, but this card qualifies you to get the training for half that price for a One Full Month training. But you will have to activate it in 30 days or the card wastes’’


Two women out of the 200 activated their cards for 150k each. That was 300,000 naira – 1.7 million naira in revenue.


Luxury service .

Then we met an event company. And asked them to offer an optional make up services as part of their services, and the make up company became their official make up company for a 50-50 price split.


Subscription. This sealed it up for them. The CEO started smiling like chicken whenever I came around.


I went further again and designed a system for them that ensures that every month they keep the wheels running like this. That system is a post for another day.


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See you in the next post.



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