Business Models Anyone Can Use To Pull in Money Fast

Yesterday I showed you how to use the ‘’Profit Blueprint’’ to predict how much you will make in the next 12 months.


And exactly the price of what you need to sell, and how many you need to sell every month to make that figure.


If you missed it, go here to read it


Now, we are going to get a little practical. I want to show you WHAT YOU MUST SELL to hit your target.


Now hold on….


….Note the key words. What you must SELL.


Which means you need to SELL something if you want to hit the target. Assuming you already have something you are selling, what I’m about to show you would make it MORE attractive to your customers.


Anyhoo….In this particular email I will be showing you the things you need to sell if you want to hit your target FAST.


Then in my next post, I will show you how to set up systems you can use to sell these things effortlessly on complete autopilot.


Let’s get into it, shall we….


…personally, I have ALWAYS hated to sell my time. You know, doing a 9 to 5 job. The reason is simple. And I know we are alike when it comes to this.


The problem with having a job is that the pay is fixed, and it can’t grow exponentially.


I mean, if it is 200k you go home with monthly – that is it, no matter how much you kill yourself it doesn’t double. This is not how I want to spend my life. And I’m sure you don’t want that too, if not you won’t be interested in business.


Even if your boss decides to throw in bonuses and incentives or even increase your pay, it is still nothing compared to what happens when you SELL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES using marketing systems.


Let me spell it out just in case you missed it. To hit your target fast, you need to sell a product. Or some service….and you need to do it with marketing systems. And if you already have something you are selling you need to scale it up FAST, using what I will show you soon.


So, let’s say you sell a product worth 10,000 naira. Just selling 50 will give you a gross of 500,000 naira.


Sell double that number and you are smiling to the bank with a million naira. No job gives that sort of flexibility. So, if you must meet that target don’t make those plans with your time.


Right now, you probably have a business or a service you are selling. If you do, awesome. If you don’t, then you need to start thinking of one….


…this is where I come in, I’m going to be showing you how to sell a tonload of WHATEVER you sell.


But here is what you need to know first. Business models. You NEED to know about business models


There are three business models in the world.


Cheap product business model


Luxury product business model


And subscription business model…..


Here is how they work.


Cheap business model


is the one MOST people do, it is the one you are probably doing right now. I hate it, it is slow. Way too slow. Like, selling cakes for instance…. assuming you sell a cake for 1000 naira. And you intend to make a million naira MONTHLY. What it means is you will need to sell 1000 cakes every month to hit your target.


One friggin thousand.


That’s a whole lot of cakes. And you need to unload all of them in a month (who wan chop am).


That’s a lot of work. Whatever you do, if you must hit your target, let selling cheap stuffs not be a CORE part of your business.


That takes us to the second model.


Luxury product model.


This is the type that Gucci do. IPhone too. It is easy.


Think about it, if you must make 1 million selling 1000 naira products, what you must do is sell 1000. But let’s assume that you are selling one product for 50 grand. To make 1 million, all you need to do is simply sell 20 pieces.




Personally I charge between 200 to 500 grand to go over your business and help improve it. And I don’t care if much people can’t afford my service, if I get just two clients in a month that is a million naira.


Plus I get to have my free time, take my girlfriend to the movies and have fun.


In fact, it is my second favourite model. And in my next email tomorrow I will show you how to turn WHATEVER you sell into a luxury item, how to increase the price and still have people rush for it. If you must hit your target fast, you need to ‘’Luxury up’’


And finally, the third business model and the BEST.


Subscription based model.


This the type DSTV run, PHCN, AWBER…..every month you pay a fee. This is goldmine. If you run a business that charges people monthly you have built a SURE ATM for yourself.


Think about it, assuming you need to make 1 million a month. And you have 20 customers that pay you 50k each, all you need to do to keep 1 million naira every month is to make sure that you ALWAYS have 20 customers.


It is more predictable.


In my next post, I will show you how to apply this in your business. And as we progress I will show you HARDCORE marketing secrets you can use to sell stuffs like crazy.


Don’t miss it.


However, what are the takeaways you picked from this. How would you apply it? Share below and I’d take a look and help refine your plans for you so it comes out perfect.

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