Easy To Use Price Strategies You Can Use To Sell High Priced Products. Part 1

Here is what is going to happen.

In this post I’m going to show you exactly how to grab your prospects by the balls and make them see the high price of your product as chicken change.

It’s not voodoo.

Just plain simple price psychology. You might have seen some of these stuffs used before or some of them might have been used on you without your knowledge.

Either way, after reading this stuff you would be able to use it yourself to get money out of your prospects’ pocket like “touch and follow”…

I went into details on how to do this in the Crazy Profit System but I’m just going to go on and give you a tip of the iceberg.

 Strategy #1. Balls Grabbing Price Strategy


A high Price does either of two things in people’s minds.

  1. It either increases resistance to buying. As in, they see the price and go like: “Damn. 20k? I can’t afford that” and bam – they leave.

Or they may go like: “errrrr, i’m not sure it’s worth it. Too expensive abeg” and fiam, they hit the exit button.


  1. It increase the perceived value of your product.

This is why people brag about the price they bought their Hermes bag or iPhone 6 Plus for and not the quality the bag or phone was made for.

You get it, right?

When you turn up that price; you give people either of this feeling.

You don’t want them scrolling through your sales page and having feeling number 1. You want to grab them by their balls and make them go borrow, if they don’t have money, to buy what you are selling.

Well; you can do this by pointing a gun to their head. In which case you would not be selling anymore. That would be extortion, right. You don’t want to do that.

Better to go the legal option. ”Ball grabbing price strategies”.

Here they are. 

  1. Show the pain.
  2. Hit the contrast button.
  3. Box-Full it.
  4. Price-Cloak.

Don’t mind the fancy names. I like to be a bit dramatic. Will break them all down for you. What all these strategies does is to INCREASE the value of a product when you INSERT them into your sales messages.

Stay with me. You will get this. Let’s take them one by one.

  1. Show YOUR Pain Then Lace It With THEIR Benefit.


When you show your prospect the great length you went to either acquire your product or to make it, you increase the value of that product.

I will give you an example. Check this out.

“The price of my sales training video is 20,000 naira. It took me exactly 7 years of trial and error and about 1,000,000 naira in self-training to fully discover the bad-ass money-coughing sales secrets you are about to discover in this video….

…..I could charge you 50,000 naira for it and still wouldn’t be over charging. But you are in luck, I’m going to take those step by step blueprint it took me years to discover myself, and I will hand them over to you for 20,000 naira so you wouldn’t have to go through the loss of thousands of naira in profit like I did”

This is a rough draft, but you get the picture. Right? Show them all the bad bad things that happened to you when you were getting the product ready, the efforts you put in, how much

You spent to develop it then give them the benefits all this translate into for them and, fiam, the value would go up.

This can be used in a wide variety of niches.

Another example….”This energy drink contains herbal extracts from a rare plant found in Jaratata Indian. It takes about 16 months to mash and distil the liquid from the herbs so this energy drink would be made.

That’s about a year and four months. Right now I have only 12 bottles left, it would take about 4 months to order for fresh bottles and have it sent into Nigeria. The price is 17,000. Naira but the first two to take up their phone right now and order would get 3000 naira knocked off the original price. And that is 14,000 naira if you order right now”

Now think up how to use this strategy in your business

Let’s stop here for now. In the next email I will show how to use the second price strategy. How to “Hit The Contrast Button” to increase the value of your product.

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