How to Double Your Profit & Make Twice More Money From Your Business. [Part 2]

In the Part One of this post, I told you that there are 5 AREAS you need to FOCUS on if you’d want to DOUBLE the profit you make from your business.


Here is a step by step list. Just in case you missed it.


  1. Get customers interested.
  2. Convert those interested customers to buyers.
  3. Increase the number of items those buyers buy.
  4. Get them to buy repeatedly
  5. Work on the profit margin


Today, me and you, we are going to cover the first one.


The first step to getting someone to buy WHATEVER you sell is to get them to just look.


Hawkers understand this, this is why when they walk around, and they shout ‘’buy your water’’ with a funny voice, you end up looking.


And then you realize you are thirsty and you call them to come over.


You must have noticed this happen to you. Think about it.


You had no intention to buy these things. But they scream and announce what they sell and you look, then you realize you want it and then you call them over.


This is BASIC buyers psychology. You need to grab attention first in order to sell something to someone.


But then, people don’t know THE RIGHT way to get people to look.


Now picture this, you are walking through a market and then someone grabs your hand and says come and buy this fine watch. Most of the time you’d hit his hands off. Right?


Now, that is the thing MOST people do when they want people to buy from them.


You go around ‘’bugging’’ people, telling people how great your product is.


But here is the problem. NOBODY believes you when you say you have a great product.


Everyones says that.


You need to do is to SHOW them.


This is why these men who sell stain removers make a killing, they get a cloth with a stain on it, remove it right there in front of people and people start buying it up like crazy.


You need to find a way to get people to ‘’FEEL’’ you.


I’m a badass marketer. I have created campaigns that made my clients millions of naira. I have built a 6 figure business selling eBooks.


But I can’t come here and tell you that. I show you how badass I am by showing you the magic I can do via my free training.


But you get the picture right?


Get people to LOOK first, before you get them to buy.


So how do you get people to look. Different business have different strategies.


It could be as simple as replacing your door with a sliding glass door and displaying your products on beautiful stands behind the closed door. As simple as mounting a speaker in front of your shop.


It could be as simple as giving a free version of what you sell. Imagine how many ‘’looks’’ a mallam would get if they put a sign board in front of his shop and say: ‘’Free testing’’


Right now, you need to ask yourself. How do I act like that pure water seller, what do I do that will shout out to my ideal customer and get them to look.


The moment they look at you, the next thing would be to walk into your shop and when they enter. Then you hit them with the stage two. For more tips on how to perfect this strategy, go here to get the === > Crazy Profit System


In my next post, I will show you how to literally ‘’force’’ people to buy after they take a look.

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