How to Double Your Profit & Make Twice More Money from Your Business. [Part 3]

In this post we’d cover: *How to get people to buy*


But first read; Part 1 and Part 2


Very quickly;


I will show you how to get people to buy your product, after you have gotten them to take a look.


But before I get into that, I need to address something.


I have received a ton of emails from people asking me how they can apply what I have been teaching to your particular business.


Here is the thing.


When you read these tips, don’t just breeze through and assume the examples or principle does not suit your business.


Ask yourself HOW you can apply it to your business and see the magic that will happen inside your head. Don’t just restrict yourself to my examples, understand the underlying principles they develop your plan.


You hear?


Now, moving on.


How do you get someone to buy something?


Simple – by making them an offer they can’t refuse.


This is why when a restaurant owner says: ‘’you get 2 extra meat for every meal you buy before 4 pm today’’ or ‘’200 naira airtime for every item you buy from us’’. It makes people want to go in and buy.


Therefore, to get more of your interested prospect to buy – you need to know how to make the perfect offer.


The other day I saw a post somewhere where someone was referring to a good offer as “offering an iPhone 6 for 70,000 naira”.


Who does that?


It’s a good offer; sure….but is it a good offer for you as a business person. You can only make an offer like that only if you had either stolen the phone or if the phone is damaged.


The question now is “how in the friggin hell do you make a real life offer that will be good to you and still be mouth-watering to your customers”


There is a step to developing one. I call it “The 8 Step Offer Gun”


Step #1. First you need to point blank tell them what they are getting,

Step #2. Show them how awesome that stuff they are getting is

Step #3. Go further and throw in a bonus

Step #4. After that, tell them the price. In the Crazy Profit System I explained how to break down price resistance in your customers mind. A ‘’voodoo-like’’ strategy you can use to persuade your customers to buy whatever you sell, No matter the price. Get it here 

Step #5. Tell them why that price is nothing compared to what they are getting. Plus why you are making such a good offer in the first place (or they will run)

Step 6. Give them a damn good guarantee.

Step 7. Show them why it is not risky to do business with you

Step 8: Hit them with scarcity

Swing on with me, I will show you a practical example. I know you want one.


So let’s try and create an offer for the iPhone 6


I have a black sleek iPhone 6 for sale. I have only used it for 7 months so it is still unscratched and looks absolutely brand new. When you buy it, I’m going to give you a follow come white charger too, so no need spending 3000 naira getting one. Plus it comes with 146 apps I had been installing for the past 7 months of using it,


Price – 120,000 naira.


This is the cheapest you can get a fairly used one around. Ask around. Go on Jumia and Konga, most iPhone 6 are selling for 150,000 – 200,000 naira. And they are not even brand new ones. The reason why I’m even willing to sell at that price is because I need to sell it off quick, add the money to the one I already have and get a new iPhone 7.


Feel free, if you get the iPhone, use it for 1 week and if you notice any fault tell me and I will return your money and take back the phone. I’m willing to sign an undertaking if it will make you feel safer.


Call this number for inquiries 0703********** Mondays – Wednesday only. 1pm – 2 pm only please (my new scarcity strategy. Hehehe)


…and BINGO! You have an offer.


Study how I intertwined all those elements into the offer. Take a pen, rewrite it, use it as a template and try to come up with yours.


You can use The 8 Step Offer Gun to sell your products anywhere, to write a quick advert for your products, your service, to sell your phone, your car in person….anything.


You can use it to talk to customers. For other strategies you can use to develop rock solid offers people would find absolutely irresistible, go here to get the Crazy Profit System. ==== > Get Yours 

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  1. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

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