How to Double Your Profit & Make Twice More Money from Your Business. [Part 4]

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A couple of years back, I started a business with a friend and we were selling a particular product for the women folk, an ‘’intimate’’ tightening cream for women. I told you about it here. 


Now, before I move on. Here is a quick lesson. A good marketer doesn’t sell what they want to sell. They sell what people want to buy.


Back then, I did a quick research and found out that women wanted a product like this, something that works in tightening their ‘’intimate’’ area.


Did I like to sell it, nah.


Did people want to buy? Like hell they did. In my program, Crazy Profit System; you are going to discover the same full blueprint I use for discovering whether people want a product or service before i even spend a dime on it. Go here to get in


So back to my story. I swung into action with my business partner and we took it to the market at 16,000 naira for one pack.


I wrote a quick sales letter, put it out on Linda Ikeji’s blog and started pulling in mad sales with it. You might have seen the ad at some point.


We sold the product under the pseudonym – Mr Bassey and sold a TON load of that stuff in under a few weeks.


The money was coming in, but it got to a point and stabilized. And then profit started to dwindle.


So we had to pull out the number 4 rule of doubling profit. Which is; get your buyers to buy more of your product.


Here is how it works


To run each ad, we spent 50,000 naira in advert. And each time we ran this ad, we saved the numbers of OUR BUYERS. Not leads. Buyers. We saved their numbers on whatsapp.


At some point, after running our ads for like 6 times; we had over 247 buyers in our Whatsapp lists. So what we did was we asked ourselves ‘’what would someone who bought an Intimate tightening cream likely buy again?’’


We arrived at two conclusions.


Since they were women. They would want, a slim tea and a stretch mark removal cream. We bought the two, packaged them together and sold it as a pack for 22,000 naira.


Then we sent a promotional message blast to everyone on the Whatsapp list we had. And that evening we received 34 orders from our already existing customers.


Without spending on ads.


Our profit for that month spiked. And like that, anyone who buys our first cream we’d offer them the slim tea and stretch mark removal pack two days after they get their delivery. For how to develop hot money pulling promotional messages like the one we developed for that business, go here to get the Crazy Profit System. == > Grab Yours 


So this is one way to spike your profits too.


People just sell one product and they are done.


Have a list of your buyers, and from time to time send them promotional messages.


Tell them about your new stock, tell them about special discounts, sell them a different but complimentary product to the one they already bought.


If they bought a shirt, offer them a trouser, and a tie, and a suit and shoes.


If they bought a weavon, they would want weavon oil too….heck they will also want to fix the damn thing. The more you get the customers that come in to buy MORE, the more profit you make.


That is the fourth law of doubling your profit.


See you in the next post


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