How to Increase the Number of People That Buy WHATEVER You Sell

This will be REALLY quick


I want to show you ONE little marketing trick that can dramatically DOUBLE the number of people that buy WHATEVER you are selling right now, WHENEVER you run an Advert for your business.


Now, imagine this scenario.


What if anytime you send out an advert people would RUSH to give you money.


Not only that…


What if you discover One little thing you can add to your adverts, and if you put your advert side by side with your competitor’s ad and show the same advert to TEN persons, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them will choose you OVER your competitor.


Every damn time.


Sounds too good to be true, right? Yeah, that is the same reaction I get from clients when I tell them about this one secret then they apply it and the result shocks them silly.


Do I have your attention now? Good. Enough of the teasing, let’s cut to the chase.


The One Thing That can double the response rate of your ad is to give A BRIBE.


Let me break it down.


Picture this…..


You see two restaurants. Side by side. They have the same menu. They both sell rice, and Ewedu and chicken, and Nsala soup (Btw, I love Nsala soup to the havens and back, Moving on)


Now, you see two of these shops and there is a SIGN BOARD right in front of two of them.


The sign board in front of one of the restaurant, Restaurant A, reads;


‘’Food is Ready. Buy Now’’


Restaurant B’s sign board has a different CAPTION.


‘’Food is Ready. Buy Now. 2 Extra Free Meats for Everything You buy Before 4PM today’’


Now, take a look at the two sign boards in your head. Where will you go to eat?


Cut the meat small small, no wahala – people just like bribes. Daz all. It will still pull them in


Just so I PERFECTLY make my point. I give thee another illustration, Two barbing salons. One says Barb your hair. The second says ‘’Barb Your hair now. Free Manicures – Monday and Wednesdays’’


Are you feeling the BREEZE?


When you make an offer, and ask people to act Now, and give them a bribe for acting nau nau, then give a deadline for your bribe You AUTOMATICALLY double the desire for your product in your customer’s head, and you get them to act.


Let me run you through it again


Offer + Tell Them To Act Now + Bribe If They Act Now + Plus Deadline For Bribe = Katakata in their head.


Lai dat, lai dat


This little ad on to your ads make your offers Juicy and attractive like a bag of money.


PS: This is just ONE strategy out of over 30+ other ones that you can use to increase the number of customers that come to you….this works, now imagine what you can do when you throw in the other 30+ strategy too.


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