Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Abacha, Beer, Pimps and Prostitutes

Would You Want Abacha with Your Beer, Sir….and some girls?




I have been laughing really hard all evening.


The reason is because I met a ‘’Pimp’’ for the first time today. I kid you not. Really funny the way the whole thing happened


Plus i picked a marketing lesson from the experience that I wish to share with you.


Let me give you the full gist plus, of course, the marketing lesson.


So a friend I had not seen since University days came into town, and this evening me, another friend and this guy drove out of the house to this really cool joint somewhere in town.


We walk in, take a table and this really pleasant faced girl walked up to us.


‘’What would you want’’. She asked.


We ordered for some drinks, she went off and returned with it. While she was opening the bottles, she looked up, smiled right into my face and said.


‘’We have Abacha o’’.


If you haven’t heard of it, Abacha is this really popular food in the east. Made from cassava (See attached image). Tastes really great if it’s made just fine. She went ahead to describe the kpomo and the fried fish and what not that usually come with it, and how well they make it


We ordered for some. Plus she was damn persuasive. I mean, she didn’t need to push hard but the way she described the thing I couldn’t wait to munch it.


She went off, and returned with the plates some minutes later. And while she dropped it, she was making conversations, Laughing, teasing us and all. Midway through our short conversation, she dropped a hint about how great their barbecue was….


My friend looked at her, and told her to chill while we first eat the Abacha, what’s her own, does she want to kill us. She laughed. Said no, and went off.


Soon my friend. Who loves fish a lot, gave in to the temptation and ordered for the fish.


Again ‘’our friend’’ brought it, and as she was setting the fish on the table. She whispered in a ‘’friendly confidential’’ manner.


‘’We have girls o’’.


‘’What?’’ I asked. Totally lost.


She looked at some girls on a table near us. I followed her eyes, got the message, threw my head back and laughed.


‘’No abeg, Let it stop at the fish’’. I told her. ‘’We are cool’’.


My friends couldn’t believe we almost got some escort upsell and we have been making jokes about it since then.


But I want you to notice something.


She offered us Beer….


Then she came up with a complimentary product; Abacha. To go with the beer. Quite obvious.


Then another one, Fish…a variety, for the beer too. Now she was one really ‘’all out’’ sister


Then *Coughs* the last offer. She didn’t stop at the Abacha.


This is called a sales funnel, or ‘’profit maximizers’’.


Now, What profit maximizer do you have in your business? If you don’t, you are leaving money on the table. If you do, how many? Is that number enough, or can you add some more?


On first year eve, I went to the market to get fresh tomatoes for stew. It was quite plenty to be blended at home, so I had to go to another shop to have it grinded.


Another shop, ladies and gentlemen.


Imagine how many people that buy tomatoes from this lady, imagine how much she loses for everyone that goes somewhere else to crush their tomatoes. While she could get a little machine, and have someone operate it for her.


Look, don’t be like the Tomatoes woman. Be like the waitress


Ask yourself now, what product can I offer to the people who buy my stuff to maximize my profit. What profit maximisers can I introduce into my business.


Here is a little pointer.


Your profit maximisers must compliment your main product.


If you sell brush, throw in toothpaste, then cups, then teeth whiteners….then teeth checks. Please don’t offer tooth pulling services if you are not a dentist, I beg you in the name of the baby Jesus.


Shoprite, on the other hand, knows how to do this. They have some shelves close to the check out counters. And while you stand in line to pay for what you have already bought, you see sneakers staring at you, cups, wine openers and a bunch of stuff. Because they want you to keep buying right to the door.


..and before you know it you are pulling them off the shelve to add to the already full basket.


Profit maximizers, my friend. Get some. For help on how to set up a full sales funnel for your business, go here to get the Crazy Profit System for pointers.


It’d help you walk you through the whole process of setting up your own sales funnel that you can profit maximizers and double the results you are getting from your business right now. Go here to get it === > Grab it Here

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