One Secret That Can Blow Your Profit Right through the Roofs! [Part 1 of 2]

In the next few seconds, right here and now, you are going to discover ONE TINY little tip that can DOUBLE your profit in the next few months



….but here is the thing. It goes against EVERYTHING you have ever been told about business.



In school, your economics teacher probably made you memorize this line….’’The lower the price, the higher the demand’’



Guess what, that stuff is total BS. Let me prove this to you.



When I started running my marketing practice, my plan was to get as much clients as possible. I was just an eager young lad who wanted to prove to people he was good. So to handle my client’s marketing I charged as low as 50,000 naira.



….I would come up with the marketing messages for this guy, create a full sales funnel for them, write contents for their website, give free consultations, write their sales letter, write their email series.



I slaved for peanuts. And usually I gave this guys stunning results. Sales triple, they get mad results and they make many times the fee they gave me.



And I was dying.



….But that wasn’t the problem.



The problem with charging low is that you attract headache giving people.



These clients I charged 50,000 naira were a pain in the ass, they would call you up at night, make crazy demands and practically be all over you BEGGING you to make sure their money doesn’t waste, because it’s their ‘’last card’’.


As I got better at my game, I increased my fee.


And at this point something incredible happened. The demand dropped. Yes.


But I started making MORE than I was when I was charging 50k.


The question is how.


Let me show you something.


Let’s assume you sell an online course for as cheap as 7000 naira. How many sales do you think you’d need to make 1 million naira?


143! One Hundred And Forty Three


Now, let’s say I increase the price to 50,000 naira. All you need to hit 1 million is to simply sell 20.


Will the demand be low, yes. But guess what, it will be way way easier than selling 143 pieces for 7000 naira each.


I’m serious.


Let me prove this to you.


When I increased my fee. I noticed something happen.


I started to repel some certain kind of people who couldn’t afford what I was charging. But guess what. The ones that finally did pay didn’t worry about money.


All they were interested in was RESULTS.


I started to attract business people who were already making money, but wanted to just double it. To this people my fee wasn’t the problem, they were just interested in getting my expertise in on their business.


Now, picture this….


Which would be easier?


Getting 143 people who are struggling financially to buy a course for 7,000 naira. Or getting just 20 people who are already making money to buy a course for 50,000 naira.


The later don’t worry about money. So paying 50,000 naira is nothing to them. All you need is just prove you’d deliver.


The moment I figured this out, I started working twice as much to be able to work with just these kind of people and give them the results they want.


But of course, there is a right way to increase your price so you don’t scare people off. And even if you increase your price there are steps you need to take to INCREASE the desire for them, and even have your customers avoid your competitions just to buy yours.


No jokes.


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