Easy To Use Price Strategies You Can Use To Sell High Priced Products. Part 1

Here is what is going to happen.

In this post I’m going to show you exactly how to grab your prospects by the balls and make them see the high price of your product as chicken change.

It’s not voodoo.

Just plain simple price psychology. You might have seen some of these stuffs used before or some of them might have been used on you without your knowledge.

Either way, after reading this stuff you would be able to use it yourself to get money out of your prospects’ pocket like “touch and follow”…

I went into details on how to do this in the Crazy Profit System but I’m just going to go on and give you a tip of the iceberg.

 Strategy #1. Balls Grabbing Price Strategy


A high Price does either of two things in people’s minds.

  1. It either increases resistance to buying. As in, they see the price and go like: “Damn. 20k? I can’t afford that” and bam – they leave.

Or they may go like: “errrrr, i’m not sure it’s worth it. Too expensive abeg” and fiam, they hit the exit button.


  1. It increase the perceived value of your product.

This is why people brag about the price they bought their Hermes bag or iPhone 6 Plus for and not the quality the bag or phone was made for.

You get it, right?

When you turn up that price; you give people either of this feeling.

You don’t want them scrolling through your sales page and having feeling number 1. You want to grab them by their balls and make them go borrow, if they don’t have money, to buy what you are selling.

Well; you can do this by pointing a gun to their head. In which case you would not be selling anymore. That would be extortion, right. You don’t want to do that.

Better to go the legal option. ”Ball grabbing price strategies”.

Here they are. 

  1. Show the pain.
  2. Hit the contrast button.
  3. Box-Full it.
  4. Price-Cloak.

Don’t mind the fancy names. I like to be a bit dramatic. Will break them all down for you. What all these strategies does is to INCREASE the value of a product when you INSERT them into your sales messages.

Stay with me. You will get this. Let’s take them one by one.

  1. Show YOUR Pain Then Lace It With THEIR Benefit.


When you show your prospect the great length you went to either acquire your product or to make it, you increase the value of that product.

I will give you an example. Check this out.

“The price of my sales training video is 20,000 naira. It took me exactly 7 years of trial and error and about 1,000,000 naira in self-training to fully discover the bad-ass money-coughing sales secrets you are about to discover in this video….

…..I could charge you 50,000 naira for it and still wouldn’t be over charging. But you are in luck, I’m going to take those step by step blueprint it took me years to discover myself, and I will hand them over to you for 20,000 naira so you wouldn’t have to go through the loss of thousands of naira in profit like I did”

This is a rough draft, but you get the picture. Right? Show them all the bad bad things that happened to you when you were getting the product ready, the efforts you put in, how much

You spent to develop it then give them the benefits all this translate into for them and, fiam, the value would go up.

This can be used in a wide variety of niches.

Another example….”This energy drink contains herbal extracts from a rare plant found in Jaratata Indian. It takes about 16 months to mash and distil the liquid from the herbs so this energy drink would be made.

That’s about a year and four months. Right now I have only 12 bottles left, it would take about 4 months to order for fresh bottles and have it sent into Nigeria. The price is 17,000. Naira but the first two to take up their phone right now and order would get 3000 naira knocked off the original price. And that is 14,000 naira if you order right now”

Now think up how to use this strategy in your business

Let’s stop here for now. In the next email I will show how to use the second price strategy. How to “Hit The Contrast Button” to increase the value of your product.

Don’t Miss it


PS: If this helped, there are more tips I’d never reveal for free here in my Crazy Profit System. Imagine what you’d do when you arm yourself with all of these tips, both this ones I’m giving for free AND the more advanced ones in my training program. Get in here == > Grab yours

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2 Super Hot Ways You Can Make Over 500,000 Naira with Just a Facebook Group….

This might be one of the most important things you will read this month.


I’m going to give you ideas that you can use, right away, to crush it in the next few months.


But before I go ahead and EXPOSE to you the different models you can use to tap money from Facebook groups, let me first show why it is ABSOLUTELY amazing to have one now.


In 2014 I bought my first car. An Audi 80.


I had just left university and I quickly set up a website, wrote a quick copy….drove traffic to my website….and in just a matter of months I had my first car.


Of course, it wasn’t that smooth and easy. But it was FAST.


Let me break it down.


What did I sell on that website. Most of you already know. It was an ebook on dating. Some of you here might have bought it, or might have seen my pseudonym around. I sold it with the name Charles Nneji (go to nairaland and search for charlesnneji1. You will see most of my articles).


….but why it had been fast was because I was selling digital products. You don’t need to buy any product, you simply create the product on your laptop once – and sell it over and over again to hundreds of people.


I was literally making money from nothing – with no expenses apart from what I paid to drive traffic!


One thing people told me back then was that no one would buy a digital product online. And they would be afraid of scam. And here is the truth; they were right.


People are scared to buy things online.


But if you know how to make people like and trust you – just that, the moment you learn how to do this you will sell TONS of digital products online – effortlessly. In the Community Hack training; I will show you how to win trust, get people to like you and make very cool cash selling digital products with JUST a free Facebook group.


The moment you master that one skill, you will never go broke again. And you can use it to sell anything. Even down to something as mundane as refrigerators.


To get in on this training, call our customer care hotline and apply 09080094454. Entry fee is just 9, 999 naira.


But moving on, the different models you can use to make money from Facebook groups.


#1 The Launch Method:


This is the commonest method.


The way it works is to grow a tribe of people around what you are good at. If you are a great parent then create a community around that. A great marketer. A good lawyer. Etc.


Then find out a problem common within your community, look for a solution and then create a product around that solution then launch it within your community.


Now here is the really cool part. It is a game of numbers. Let us assume you have a community of 4,000 members. And your product is priced at 19, 999 (like my crazy profit system course)


If just 50 persons out of your 4, 000 members buys. Just 50. Guess how much you’d gross.


50 x 19, 999 = 999, 950 naira.


Which is just 50 naira away from 1M.


The good part is that because it is a launch. And you have a deadline all of that money will come in bulk. Like bang!


Is this feasible. Yes. But only if you know how to pull it off. In my Community hack training, I will show you exactly how I was able to do it.


# 2: Subscription Model


This is the sweetest.


Assuming you don’t want to do a launch, you can have a subscription model for your tribe.


Simply create your front end community (I will show you how to build one from scratch). Grow it. Then have an upgrade where you put out more detailed, more in-depth training. Then charge members a subscription.


With pay stack you can set everything up such that they are charged monthly automatically. Now, let us assume you have 50 members in your upgrade. And you charge just 3,000 naira monthly.


Every month you pull in 50 x 3,000 naira = 150, 000 naira.


Some people will drop out, all you need is just announce on your front end community and have the person replaced. You can scale up from 50 to 100 members.


And the good thing is all this will be PURE PROFIT. You don’t pay a dime to run a Facebook group.


But then, you need to know how to market this offer. How to get people to like and trust you enough to go to paystack and pay you money.


Truth is, people don’t buy training from just anyone. You need to be good….and you need to know how to market your skill. In the Community Hack training I will turn you into a Community hack guru *winks*.


And using what I will show you, you can use it to grow an email list and do your launches from there.


Or build and grow a consultancy business both online or offline.


You can turn yourself into a highly sought after coach in any niche using this stuff, amigo.


To get in on this training, call our customer care hotline and apply 09080094454. Entry fee is just 9, 999 naira.

Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Abacha, Beer, Pimps and Prostitutes

Would You Want Abacha with Your Beer, Sir….and some girls?




I have been laughing really hard all evening.


The reason is because I met a ‘’Pimp’’ for the first time today. I kid you not. Really funny the way the whole thing happened


Plus i picked a marketing lesson from the experience that I wish to share with you.


Let me give you the full gist plus, of course, the marketing lesson.


So a friend I had not seen since University days came into town, and this evening me, another friend and this guy drove out of the house to this really cool joint somewhere in town.


We walk in, take a table and this really pleasant faced girl walked up to us.


‘’What would you want’’. She asked.


We ordered for some drinks, she went off and returned with it. While she was opening the bottles, she looked up, smiled right into my face and said.


‘’We have Abacha o’’.


If you haven’t heard of it, Abacha is this really popular food in the east. Made from cassava (See attached image). Tastes really great if it’s made just fine. She went ahead to describe the kpomo and the fried fish and what not that usually come with it, and how well they make it


We ordered for some. Plus she was damn persuasive. I mean, she didn’t need to push hard but the way she described the thing I couldn’t wait to munch it.


She went off, and returned with the plates some minutes later. And while she dropped it, she was making conversations, Laughing, teasing us and all. Midway through our short conversation, she dropped a hint about how great their barbecue was….


My friend looked at her, and told her to chill while we first eat the Abacha, what’s her own, does she want to kill us. She laughed. Said no, and went off.


Soon my friend. Who loves fish a lot, gave in to the temptation and ordered for the fish.


Again ‘’our friend’’ brought it, and as she was setting the fish on the table. She whispered in a ‘’friendly confidential’’ manner.


‘’We have girls o’’.


‘’What?’’ I asked. Totally lost.


She looked at some girls on a table near us. I followed her eyes, got the message, threw my head back and laughed.


‘’No abeg, Let it stop at the fish’’. I told her. ‘’We are cool’’.


My friends couldn’t believe we almost got some escort upsell and we have been making jokes about it since then.


But I want you to notice something.


She offered us Beer….


Then she came up with a complimentary product; Abacha. To go with the beer. Quite obvious.


Then another one, Fish…a variety, for the beer too. Now she was one really ‘’all out’’ sister


Then *Coughs* the last offer. She didn’t stop at the Abacha.


This is called a sales funnel, or ‘’profit maximizers’’.


Now, What profit maximizer do you have in your business? If you don’t, you are leaving money on the table. If you do, how many? Is that number enough, or can you add some more?


On first year eve, I went to the market to get fresh tomatoes for stew. It was quite plenty to be blended at home, so I had to go to another shop to have it grinded.


Another shop, ladies and gentlemen.


Imagine how many people that buy tomatoes from this lady, imagine how much she loses for everyone that goes somewhere else to crush their tomatoes. While she could get a little machine, and have someone operate it for her.


Look, don’t be like the Tomatoes woman. Be like the waitress


Ask yourself now, what product can I offer to the people who buy my stuff to maximize my profit. What profit maximisers can I introduce into my business.


Here is a little pointer.


Your profit maximisers must compliment your main product.


If you sell brush, throw in toothpaste, then cups, then teeth whiteners….then teeth checks. Please don’t offer tooth pulling services if you are not a dentist, I beg you in the name of the baby Jesus.


Shoprite, on the other hand, knows how to do this. They have some shelves close to the check out counters. And while you stand in line to pay for what you have already bought, you see sneakers staring at you, cups, wine openers and a bunch of stuff. Because they want you to keep buying right to the door.


..and before you know it you are pulling them off the shelve to add to the already full basket.


Profit maximizers, my friend. Get some. For help on how to set up a full sales funnel for your business, go here to get the Crazy Profit System for pointers.


It’d help you walk you through the whole process of setting up your own sales funnel that you can profit maximizers and double the results you are getting from your business right now. Go here to get it === > Grab it Here

How to Double Your Profit & Make Twice More Money from Your Business. [Part 4]

Go here to read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 first

A couple of years back, I started a business with a friend and we were selling a particular product for the women folk, an ‘’intimate’’ tightening cream for women. I told you about it here. 


Now, before I move on. Here is a quick lesson. A good marketer doesn’t sell what they want to sell. They sell what people want to buy.


Back then, I did a quick research and found out that women wanted a product like this, something that works in tightening their ‘’intimate’’ area.


Did I like to sell it, nah.


Did people want to buy? Like hell they did. In my program, Crazy Profit System; you are going to discover the same full blueprint I use for discovering whether people want a product or service before i even spend a dime on it. Go here to get in


So back to my story. I swung into action with my business partner and we took it to the market at 16,000 naira for one pack.


I wrote a quick sales letter, put it out on Linda Ikeji’s blog and started pulling in mad sales with it. You might have seen the ad at some point.


We sold the product under the pseudonym – Mr Bassey and sold a TON load of that stuff in under a few weeks.


The money was coming in, but it got to a point and stabilized. And then profit started to dwindle.


So we had to pull out the number 4 rule of doubling profit. Which is; get your buyers to buy more of your product.


Here is how it works


To run each ad, we spent 50,000 naira in advert. And each time we ran this ad, we saved the numbers of OUR BUYERS. Not leads. Buyers. We saved their numbers on whatsapp.


At some point, after running our ads for like 6 times; we had over 247 buyers in our Whatsapp lists. So what we did was we asked ourselves ‘’what would someone who bought an Intimate tightening cream likely buy again?’’


We arrived at two conclusions.


Since they were women. They would want, a slim tea and a stretch mark removal cream. We bought the two, packaged them together and sold it as a pack for 22,000 naira.


Then we sent a promotional message blast to everyone on the Whatsapp list we had. And that evening we received 34 orders from our already existing customers.


Without spending on ads.


Our profit for that month spiked. And like that, anyone who buys our first cream we’d offer them the slim tea and stretch mark removal pack two days after they get their delivery. For how to develop hot money pulling promotional messages like the one we developed for that business, go here to get the Crazy Profit System. == > Grab Yours 


So this is one way to spike your profits too.


People just sell one product and they are done.


Have a list of your buyers, and from time to time send them promotional messages.


Tell them about your new stock, tell them about special discounts, sell them a different but complimentary product to the one they already bought.


If they bought a shirt, offer them a trouser, and a tie, and a suit and shoes.


If they bought a weavon, they would want weavon oil too….heck they will also want to fix the damn thing. The more you get the customers that come in to buy MORE, the more profit you make.


That is the fourth law of doubling your profit.


See you in the next post


How to Double Your Profit & Make Twice More Money from Your Business. [Part 3]

In this post we’d cover: *How to get people to buy*


But first read; Part 1 and Part 2


Very quickly;


I will show you how to get people to buy your product, after you have gotten them to take a look.


But before I get into that, I need to address something.


I have received a ton of emails from people asking me how they can apply what I have been teaching to your particular business.


Here is the thing.


When you read these tips, don’t just breeze through and assume the examples or principle does not suit your business.


Ask yourself HOW you can apply it to your business and see the magic that will happen inside your head. Don’t just restrict yourself to my examples, understand the underlying principles they develop your plan.


You hear?


Now, moving on.


How do you get someone to buy something?


Simple – by making them an offer they can’t refuse.


This is why when a restaurant owner says: ‘’you get 2 extra meat for every meal you buy before 4 pm today’’ or ‘’200 naira airtime for every item you buy from us’’. It makes people want to go in and buy.


Therefore, to get more of your interested prospect to buy – you need to know how to make the perfect offer.


The other day I saw a post somewhere where someone was referring to a good offer as “offering an iPhone 6 for 70,000 naira”.


Who does that?


It’s a good offer; sure….but is it a good offer for you as a business person. You can only make an offer like that only if you had either stolen the phone or if the phone is damaged.


The question now is “how in the friggin hell do you make a real life offer that will be good to you and still be mouth-watering to your customers”


There is a step to developing one. I call it “The 8 Step Offer Gun”


Step #1. First you need to point blank tell them what they are getting,

Step #2. Show them how awesome that stuff they are getting is

Step #3. Go further and throw in a bonus

Step #4. After that, tell them the price. In the Crazy Profit System I explained how to break down price resistance in your customers mind. A ‘’voodoo-like’’ strategy you can use to persuade your customers to buy whatever you sell, No matter the price. Get it here 

Step #5. Tell them why that price is nothing compared to what they are getting. Plus why you are making such a good offer in the first place (or they will run)

Step 6. Give them a damn good guarantee.

Step 7. Show them why it is not risky to do business with you

Step 8: Hit them with scarcity

Swing on with me, I will show you a practical example. I know you want one.


So let’s try and create an offer for the iPhone 6


I have a black sleek iPhone 6 for sale. I have only used it for 7 months so it is still unscratched and looks absolutely brand new. When you buy it, I’m going to give you a follow come white charger too, so no need spending 3000 naira getting one. Plus it comes with 146 apps I had been installing for the past 7 months of using it,


Price – 120,000 naira.


This is the cheapest you can get a fairly used one around. Ask around. Go on Jumia and Konga, most iPhone 6 are selling for 150,000 – 200,000 naira. And they are not even brand new ones. The reason why I’m even willing to sell at that price is because I need to sell it off quick, add the money to the one I already have and get a new iPhone 7.


Feel free, if you get the iPhone, use it for 1 week and if you notice any fault tell me and I will return your money and take back the phone. I’m willing to sign an undertaking if it will make you feel safer.


Call this number for inquiries 0703********** Mondays – Wednesday only. 1pm – 2 pm only please (my new scarcity strategy. Hehehe)


…and BINGO! You have an offer.


Study how I intertwined all those elements into the offer. Take a pen, rewrite it, use it as a template and try to come up with yours.


You can use The 8 Step Offer Gun to sell your products anywhere, to write a quick advert for your products, your service, to sell your phone, your car in person….anything.


You can use it to talk to customers. For other strategies you can use to develop rock solid offers people would find absolutely irresistible, go here to get the Crazy Profit System. ==== > Get Yours 

How to Double Your Profit & Make Twice More Money From Your Business. [Part 2]

In the Part One of this post, I told you that there are 5 AREAS you need to FOCUS on if you’d want to DOUBLE the profit you make from your business.


Here is a step by step list. Just in case you missed it.


  1. Get customers interested.
  2. Convert those interested customers to buyers.
  3. Increase the number of items those buyers buy.
  4. Get them to buy repeatedly
  5. Work on the profit margin


Today, me and you, we are going to cover the first one.


The first step to getting someone to buy WHATEVER you sell is to get them to just look.


Hawkers understand this, this is why when they walk around, and they shout ‘’buy your water’’ with a funny voice, you end up looking.


And then you realize you are thirsty and you call them to come over.


You must have noticed this happen to you. Think about it.


You had no intention to buy these things. But they scream and announce what they sell and you look, then you realize you want it and then you call them over.


This is BASIC buyers psychology. You need to grab attention first in order to sell something to someone.


But then, people don’t know THE RIGHT way to get people to look.


Now picture this, you are walking through a market and then someone grabs your hand and says come and buy this fine watch. Most of the time you’d hit his hands off. Right?


Now, that is the thing MOST people do when they want people to buy from them.


You go around ‘’bugging’’ people, telling people how great your product is.


But here is the problem. NOBODY believes you when you say you have a great product.


Everyones says that.


You need to do is to SHOW them.


This is why these men who sell stain removers make a killing, they get a cloth with a stain on it, remove it right there in front of people and people start buying it up like crazy.


You need to find a way to get people to ‘’FEEL’’ you.


I’m a badass marketer. I have created campaigns that made my clients millions of naira. I have built a 6 figure business selling eBooks.


But I can’t come here and tell you that. I show you how badass I am by showing you the magic I can do via my free training.


But you get the picture right?


Get people to LOOK first, before you get them to buy.


So how do you get people to look. Different business have different strategies.


It could be as simple as replacing your door with a sliding glass door and displaying your products on beautiful stands behind the closed door. As simple as mounting a speaker in front of your shop.


It could be as simple as giving a free version of what you sell. Imagine how many ‘’looks’’ a mallam would get if they put a sign board in front of his shop and say: ‘’Free testing’’


Right now, you need to ask yourself. How do I act like that pure water seller, what do I do that will shout out to my ideal customer and get them to look.


The moment they look at you, the next thing would be to walk into your shop and when they enter. Then you hit them with the stage two. For more tips on how to perfect this strategy, go here to get the === > Crazy Profit System


In my next post, I will show you how to literally ‘’force’’ people to buy after they take a look.

How to Double Your Profit & Make Twice More Money from Your Business. Part 1

Alright here is the deal….


In this post I will show YOU the FOUR pillars of profit doubling.


Which means, that if you work on these FOUR THINGS in your business you are going to dramatically double how much you make from that business.


You see, the difference between you and some other guy who is completely badass at making more sales than you from their business, and also doubling their profit is because they know THESE FOUR PILLARS, and have mastered the art of using it to their advantage.


I’m going to show you what those pillars are, and then I will show you how to touch them, just small small touches, and ultimately, from next month, your business will start bringing in more sales than you are used to




So, when ANYONE says. I want more sales in my business. All they usually focus on is ONE THING. And that is, that they don’t have customers.




The reason you don’t make money is not JUST because you don’t attract customers.


There are other things involved.


  1. The Number of Interested customers you attract
  2. The number of those INTERESTED customers that actually CONVERTS to buyers
  3. The number of things they buy when they buy.
  4. The number of times they repeat a purchase.
  5. Your profit margin.





These things I am about to show you are INCREDIBLY powerful. These are the things I can COMFORTABLY charge someone 50k just to teach them. They are that important.


So, look at those FIVE points up there.


Those are the STEPS of profit doubling, and you need to work your way down. I’m going to make you see how important they are, then in my next post I will show you STEP BY STEP, how to work on them.


STEP one, you need to ATTRACT MORE interested customers.


Note, I did not say customers or buyers. I said INTERESTED customers. Which means they did not REALLY come to buy.




They are just interested in what you have to sell. Maybe they are passing and they see the way your goods are displayed and they look at it, or they hear a song blasting from your shop and they just look.


To double your profit, you need to start by getting MORE people to just LOOK at your showcase. Not want to buy – just look.


That is the first. (Don’t worry, I will show you how to do this later)


This first stage is called the LEAD GENERATION stage. Interested customers are called Leads.


Step Two; When you get people to LOOK YOUR WAY. The next thing is to make them pull out their wallet and buy.


It could be as simple as, buy before 4pm today and get two free meat. This stage is called the CONVERSION Stage. If people are looking your way, if people are entering your shop and not buying then the problem is FROM THIS STAGE.


It’s not your village people. Nobody put juju for you. The problem is you are NOT doing conversions well, you are not chuking them the buy injection enough. I will show you how to do this too.


When you start converting leads (interested customers),


Three; The NEXT thing to work on is to Increase number of sales per purchase.


That is, if one ”unku” enters you should get that ”unku” to buy MORE THAN ONE product. Here is why, if he buys a product with a profit of 1 naira. Your profit is just one naira. But if he buys another one of 1 naira profit, your profit increases to 2 naira.


Got it?


Very simple stuff but most people overlook it. Someone comes in and order for just rice and you just package it and sell, you don’t ask – ‘’can I add meat?, what of soft drink?’’


Moving on.


When you are getting interested customers, you are converting them, and more people are buying more per purchase – but the profit is not enough for you; then the next step should kick in.


Four; Get people to come back.


If you make a profit of 2 naira, and they come back again the next day – that is another profit of 2 naira.


Again, I will show you how to get them to come back.


If you do all those 4, still not enough. Then increase your profit margin. That is, if it is giving you 2 naira profit then increase it to 4 naira. You can do this by increasing your price Or repeat all the four strategies above.


Now, I will repeat this. To double profit, here are the key areas to focus on.


  1. The Number of Interested customers you attract
  2. The number of those INTERESTED customers that actually CONVERTS to buyers
  3. The number of things that buy when they buy.
  4. The number of times they repeat a purchase.
  5. Your profit margin.


I will break down how to do each of them in the next post.


However, for more strategies that will accelerate your business growth, drive in more customers in your business and help you pull in insane profit, even if you are struggling now in your business, go here to get the Crazy Profit System

How to Increase the Number of People That Buy WHATEVER You Sell

This will be REALLY quick


I want to show you ONE little marketing trick that can dramatically DOUBLE the number of people that buy WHATEVER you are selling right now, WHENEVER you run an Advert for your business.


Now, imagine this scenario.


What if anytime you send out an advert people would RUSH to give you money.


Not only that…


What if you discover One little thing you can add to your adverts, and if you put your advert side by side with your competitor’s ad and show the same advert to TEN persons, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them will choose you OVER your competitor.


Every damn time.


Sounds too good to be true, right? Yeah, that is the same reaction I get from clients when I tell them about this one secret then they apply it and the result shocks them silly.


Do I have your attention now? Good. Enough of the teasing, let’s cut to the chase.


The One Thing That can double the response rate of your ad is to give A BRIBE.


Let me break it down.


Picture this…..


You see two restaurants. Side by side. They have the same menu. They both sell rice, and Ewedu and chicken, and Nsala soup (Btw, I love Nsala soup to the havens and back, Moving on)


Now, you see two of these shops and there is a SIGN BOARD right in front of two of them.


The sign board in front of one of the restaurant, Restaurant A, reads;


‘’Food is Ready. Buy Now’’


Restaurant B’s sign board has a different CAPTION.


‘’Food is Ready. Buy Now. 2 Extra Free Meats for Everything You buy Before 4PM today’’


Now, take a look at the two sign boards in your head. Where will you go to eat?


Cut the meat small small, no wahala – people just like bribes. Daz all. It will still pull them in


Just so I PERFECTLY make my point. I give thee another illustration, Two barbing salons. One says Barb your hair. The second says ‘’Barb Your hair now. Free Manicures – Monday and Wednesdays’’


Are you feeling the BREEZE?


When you make an offer, and ask people to act Now, and give them a bribe for acting nau nau, then give a deadline for your bribe You AUTOMATICALLY double the desire for your product in your customer’s head, and you get them to act.


Let me run you through it again


Offer + Tell Them To Act Now + Bribe If They Act Now + Plus Deadline For Bribe = Katakata in their head.


Lai dat, lai dat


This little ad on to your ads make your offers Juicy and attractive like a bag of money.


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One Secret That Can Blow Your Profit Right through the Roofs! [Part 2 of 2]

How do you start a business and turn it into a luxury brand FAST. How do you charge twice what your competition charges and still crush them.


I’m going to go on and break this expensive thing down in this post. But read Part one here first so you get it


I was in at a cool bar last weekend. And when I walked in the place was this big nice place, with the disco light thingy, sofas and music blasting and all.


One part of the bar had a short glass barrier. And I saw quite a number of people right there. I asked one of the waitress and she told me that was the VIP section.


‘’How do I get in’’. I asked.


‘’The services are different, sir. In there Heineken is 600 naira, here it is 400 naira’’


I looked at the place. It was the same big bar. Same air condition was blowing all of us. Same breeze. The only difference was that the seats were nicer and the glass barrier was in front. Daz all.


But they were paying MORE for drinks.


The secret is one THING.


AD ONS. The same thing most people call packaging.


I know a barbing salon that charges 2,000 naira while everyone around charge 500 naira. Can you beat that? 1,500 naira difference…..the only difference is that the barber shop is nice, and while you wait for your turn they give you newspaper, and a glass of wine – as in, one bottle of wine that they will be pouring small small inside cup. Plus the place can be chill like a refrigerator


People go there to cut their hair, then come out and brag about it.


To position yourself as a luxury brand you need to offer more value that your competitors are not giving. SIMPLE.


It is called AD ON. Packaging.


The more attractive your ad on is, the lesser people with money will argue your price with you. All they’d say is; ‘’It is worth it’’


The well to do don’t buy products. They buy into experience. Why would you spend double the price of CIROC just because you were in the VIP section? Simple – because of the VIP feel, the look of envy from other club goers, the look of admiration from the ladies, the premium treatment from the. waitress.


The damn experience. Someone in my previous post said it depends on how long you have remained in business. Let a mama put stay 12 years in and increase price to Quilox standard without packaging like Quilox. She will eat the food herself


Why would you buy an iPhone for that high price? Because you want to pull it out and people will say – ‘’Chai chai, he has an iphone’’. Because you want to take mirror selfie with the thing and the half eaten apple will show. Because you want to enjoy apple store, and the cool apps that don’t run on android.


The damn experience, Brethren.


The more awesome experience you offer, the more your price will be acceptable no matter how high. And what makes the experience – simple; Your ad ons.


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One Secret That Can Blow Your Profit Right through the Roofs! [Part 1 of 2]

In the next few seconds, right here and now, you are going to discover ONE TINY little tip that can DOUBLE your profit in the next few months



….but here is the thing. It goes against EVERYTHING you have ever been told about business.



In school, your economics teacher probably made you memorize this line….’’The lower the price, the higher the demand’’



Guess what, that stuff is total BS. Let me prove this to you.



When I started running my marketing practice, my plan was to get as much clients as possible. I was just an eager young lad who wanted to prove to people he was good. So to handle my client’s marketing I charged as low as 50,000 naira.



….I would come up with the marketing messages for this guy, create a full sales funnel for them, write contents for their website, give free consultations, write their sales letter, write their email series.



I slaved for peanuts. And usually I gave this guys stunning results. Sales triple, they get mad results and they make many times the fee they gave me.



And I was dying.



….But that wasn’t the problem.



The problem with charging low is that you attract headache giving people.



These clients I charged 50,000 naira were a pain in the ass, they would call you up at night, make crazy demands and practically be all over you BEGGING you to make sure their money doesn’t waste, because it’s their ‘’last card’’.


As I got better at my game, I increased my fee.


And at this point something incredible happened. The demand dropped. Yes.


But I started making MORE than I was when I was charging 50k.


The question is how.


Let me show you something.


Let’s assume you sell an online course for as cheap as 7000 naira. How many sales do you think you’d need to make 1 million naira?


143! One Hundred And Forty Three


Now, let’s say I increase the price to 50,000 naira. All you need to hit 1 million is to simply sell 20.


Will the demand be low, yes. But guess what, it will be way way easier than selling 143 pieces for 7000 naira each.


I’m serious.


Let me prove this to you.


When I increased my fee. I noticed something happen.


I started to repel some certain kind of people who couldn’t afford what I was charging. But guess what. The ones that finally did pay didn’t worry about money.


All they were interested in was RESULTS.


I started to attract business people who were already making money, but wanted to just double it. To this people my fee wasn’t the problem, they were just interested in getting my expertise in on their business.


Now, picture this….


Which would be easier?


Getting 143 people who are struggling financially to buy a course for 7,000 naira. Or getting just 20 people who are already making money to buy a course for 50,000 naira.


The later don’t worry about money. So paying 50,000 naira is nothing to them. All you need is just prove you’d deliver.


The moment I figured this out, I started working twice as much to be able to work with just these kind of people and give them the results they want.


But of course, there is a right way to increase your price so you don’t scare people off. And even if you increase your price there are steps you need to take to INCREASE the desire for them, and even have your customers avoid your competitions just to buy yours.


No jokes.


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