How To Predict How Much You Will Make This Year



Yesterday I promised to share with you a ‘’money plan’’ that would ensure you make more money in 2018.


Today I’m going to keep that promise.


Now, it involves a little mathematics, so you may want to get a pen and a paper.


Ready? Let’s get this done.


How much do you want to make in 2018? Write it on a paper.


Let’s say it’s 10 million naira. Divide it by 12 (months). That would be 834,000 naira. Now if you have to make 10 million naira in one year, you’d need to make 834,000 naira every month to hit your target.


Now…that’s a figure. But it is NOT clear yet.


We now know how much we need to make every month to hit our yearly target. Now we must come up with WHAT we need to SELL to make that money.


Here is how to come up with that. The monthly target is 834,000 naira, to come up with what you need to sell we need to divide that figure with HOW many of that stuff you need to sell.


Chill you will get it.


Let’s say you intend to sell 50 pieces. Divide the monthly target by 50. And that gives you 16,680 naira. Now, that figure is the price of one unit of what you need to sell to hit your target every month.


The next thing to do is to find a 16,680 naira product you need to sell.


And any month you sell less than 50, you need to make up for it by selling the deficit number the next month.


This keeps you on track, makes your goal clearer and helps you achieve more.


Try it….


And here is why it is powerful, when you come up with a unit price, what you need to sell comes up along the line.


Do it now….


After coming up with your figure, I will like to help you achieve them next year. So it is important you do it now.


After doing your figure, simply comment ‘’done’’ in the comment box so I know how many people are in on this.