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This Is An Open Letter to Every Internet Marketer Who Wants To Double, Triple Or Even Quadruple their Income Selling Digital Products, Coaching & Attracting High Paying Clients

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September 2018[/text_block]

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Dear friend;

I have one word for you. It has become TOUGHER

It is NOT as easy as it was in 2014.

Come with me I want to show you something.

In 2009, all it took to sell tons and tons of products is just

– A one page html website,

– A badly written sales letter

– An offer that might not even be strong enough

– And one ad on punch, or on success digest or a freaking $10 Facebook ad….


Just that. And hundreds of people will rain down your phone number and practically kill you with calls, orders will pile up.


But right now?


Coupled with the recent rugged change in Facebook algorithm, People have seen so many Ads on Facebook that the numbers that click on those things and actually place an order have reduced.


Conversion have dropped!


The ones that MANAGES to click on your ad come on your site, see THE SAME red and yellow headline they have seen in the past ads they have seen, THE SAME “hurry now. Limited time offer”, the same “absolutely free, get it now” nonsense


THE SAME DAMN STUFF they see on other website…..


You think they haven’t become immune to that crap? They now see through the wash.


Here is the hard core truth, buddy. THE GAME HAS CHANGED


…and if you have not realized that yet then you are sleeping on an okada flying at top speed. That is why those sales are not coming in


If you want to get people to read more of your ad and buy more of your stuffs then you need to learn “Sneak in Marketing”


Sneak in marketing, basically, is a type of “SUPER-BADASS” marketing method that literally forces people to buy your stuffs… is stuffed with the darkest of the world’s best mind games, developed by 2 of the best chessmasters in the world…..


When people come across this kind of marketing they cannot help it; they just bloody buy…..


And the reason is pretty simple:


One; People around here are not used to seeing it, so they are not immune to it.


RIGHT NOW, this stuff is ONLY KNOWN to about 3 persons in the whole of Nigeria. Ronald Nzimora, Toyin Omotosho and Me.


It’s not the usual silly “yellow and red headline” –“ testimonial in the middle of the letter” bullcrap you are used to…..And because of this it is working like “what the bloody heck did you wash and put!!!!”


…..and no, I’m not going to teach JUST anyone how to do it.


Because that will mean more people will know how to do it, and more people will start using it, and more people will start seeing this method all over the internet….and then it will stop working.


And even if, hypothetically, I have already taught 98 people how to pull this off….and it took about 3 straight weeks to be done. 3 whole weeks.


Good Thing is I’ve recorded Everything, Packaged Them in a 3 Part Tutorial Video & I’m Giving It Out For 19,999 In The Next Few Days…

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”19″ font_font=”Times%20New%20Roman” font_color=”%23070808″ top_padding=”15″ left_padding=”30″]And if you feel that price is too much….one, the price will move up to  25,000 soon. And I’m not saying that to trick you into buying. It will.

Two, its fine if you think it’s expensive, that amount is actually there to filter people like you out…..


Because here is the fact… 19, 999 is about $60. This stuff, when you start injecting them into your marketing, will bring back that amount for you 100x over. So if you think that price is too much to invest in fixing your marketing, make more profit and increase your ROI with, then keep doing what you are doing…and have a great time.


But if you want what works, here is the thing.


Sneak in marketing has just 9 lessons…..but if you use only 3 out of the 9, and start learning how to write banging sales letter with them….. The magnitude of sales you will make will make you grab your table and stare at your laptop in shock.


I have seen someone use just the 5th lesson and he had turned to me with complete shock on his face and, in a trembling voice he had asked – “My God, what is this thing”.


No, these are not empty hype. Here are real feedbacks from real people actually using the Sneak In Mind control Principles (Feel free, zoom in on it)[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”19″ font_font=”Times%20New%20Roman” font_color=”%23070808″ top_padding=”15″ left_padding=”30″]The question is, do you want this?

Here is what you’d discover.

Lesson #1

A simple ‘’mind game’’ that you can plant in just two lines or three lines of your sales letter that GUARANTEES that MORE people will take an action you want them to take. Effortlessly. No matter what it is…whether it is to click a Facebook link, subscribe to a mailing list or buy.


Lesson #2.

This goes deep into the psychology behind how to make people WAIT in line, and practically beg and try to impress you just to buy your stuff. You have seen people stand in line waiting to buy new iPhones. This little weird secret gives you that same power and effect when you inject it into your sales letter. In fact, as you read this I have already used it twice and this course is selling out like gangbusters right now.


Lesson #3:

A powerful strategy, used by the Russian Secret Service, for planting a command in people’s heads. You can inject it into your Facebook ad copy AND your sales letter and instantly send signals that simply goes to their head and rings – BUY!


Lesson #4:

A four step copy template for selling high priced products. It quickly gets people to like, trust and want to buy from you even if they can get it elsewhere at a cheaper rate. Works so well.


Lesson #5:  

Imagine if you knew what to say and exactly how to say it to make people DESIRE whatever you sell with so much intensity. This is exactly what I’d show you in lesson 5. One step you can start applying now to make people want whatever you sell with so much intensity till they eventually buy.

Plus lots more…there are lessons 6, 7, 8 and 9. All yours right now, waiting for you to consume, deploy and start getting crazy results from.[/text_block]


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₦ 19,999


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Patrick Ogidi

I have never believed anyone in Nigeria will write me a copy, but after reading one of your sales copies I doffed my heart

Patrick Ogidi
Nigerian No 1 eCom Commander

Ronald Nzimora

Czar is a brilliant copywriter and as a bonus he understands marketing

Ronald Nzimora
Top Nigerian Marketing Expert

Precious Ng

To know how valuable this guy is, he wrote an eCom sales letter in our company doing 1 million naira in sales. Real Fact!

Precious Ng
Jvzoo Super Affiliate

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