Sneak In Mind Control

Sneak In Mind Control

Week 1: Attraction Psychology


Training 2: Least Attraction Principle

Training 3: Indoctrination

Week 2: Persuasion Psychology

Training 1: Machiavellian Copy (Part 1, 2 & 3)

Training 2: Desire Machine

Training 3: Three ”Tiny” Persuasion Skills

Week 3: 3 Big Bang Psychology

Training 1: Perfect Bait Psychology

Training 2: Funnel + Webinar Psychology

Week 4: Practicals and Assessment of Tasks

  • Pick a product to market
  • Write a sales letter for it
  • Create 7 product presell using desire machines and pussy cat effect articles
  • create an opt in presell
  • Set everything up in an autoresponder and page builder
  • Promote.
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